DIY Tranh Đính Kim Sa- Bộ Tự Thêu Ghim- Áo Xanh Dương - Quan Âm Toạ Sen - 50x30cm - QAC1GBZ1

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Thank you for visiting our Gallery BTE House – Vietnamese Buddhism Artworks!(Copyright By BTE House)
Product description

Thank you for visiting our Gallery BTE House – Vietnamese Buddhism Artworks!
(Copyright By BTE House)
BTE House would like to introduce our customers to the art of traditional Vietnamese
- For children from 7+ (with adult supervision)
- Support children to get away from the phone
- For adults from beginner – to advanced
- Level: basic
- Size: 50x30cm
Kits package includes the:
- The painting has four layers and thick layers to protect the life of the artwork for a long time
Layer 1: Top surface is Canvas.
Layer 2: Under the canvas is a hard layer of foam (Hold and lock the pin)
Layer 3: The picture is stretched on a wooden frame.
Layer 4: Finally, the back of the picture is covered with plywood.
- 1 box of Pins 350 grams
- 1 Flannel plate lined, which keeps sequins and pins in the plate
- 10-100 high-grade 4mm sequins (depending on size)
- 1 Sheet of Instruction Paper
- Packed in a sturdy rigid box and safely shipped domestically and internationally
Relax and create blessings with the thought of giving yourself, your family, and your loved ones
a piece of Buddhism artwork made by my own hands. A gift that anyone receives will be greatly
appreciated. Not only beautiful and dignified, but gifts come from your heart, wishing for peace
and all the well-being of the giver or noble ones.
Products guided by artisan embellishment master’s with over 35 years of experience, painters,
and designers to create the DIY Kits made in Vietnam with the criteria: Beautiful – Safe –
The product is safe for children over seven years old with soft, firm suckers and easy-tounderstand instructions. Follow the number and symbols on the picture, and you can start doing
it right away. Artists and artisans have carefully blended colors to achieve vivid 3D art.


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